Bussiness address decide the future profitability

1. Trafficlarger main road should not be selected

2. Too remote area should not be selected

3. Convenientin and out of the vehicle

4. Enoughstorage space for car

5. Concentratedresidential area

6. Easy to have water and electricity

Investment Profit Estimation

1、Thenumber of daily car wash




5、Washingmachine and ancillary equipment prices

6、Otheroperating costs                                    

7、Investmentearnings estimates

Field trips

1、Invitecustomers to the factory site visits, to understand the scale of the strengthof manufacturers, service and equipment performance。

2、Visit the manufacturer's training headquarters and trainingprograms.

3、Investigate the market, to understand the investment risks andreturns of investment projects

Equipment selection

1、According to their own financial situation, choose a car washequipment confirmed to space requirements.

2、According to their business location, to achieve their satisfactionand expectations equipment

3、According to regional markets contrast with the industry, choose competitiveadvantage of the equipment.

Sign the order

1、Selected their satisfaction with the equipment, signed a purchasecontract.

2、According to the site design and planning construction plans, instrict accordance with the design requirements for construction.

3、Make employees accept including technical, management, businessplanning, marketing skills training.