After Service

Within the Warranty

Since the date of delivery, the machinehave one year free warranty, the core electrical component warranty for twoyears. At the same time, we also provide you with the following services:

1. Set upelectronic file :Set up a unified file for all sold equipments, which can betracking and management.

2. Regularly reminder: Remind all customers to have a scheduled maintenance. If thecustomer forget will cause equipment cannot work normally.

3. Regular tracking: All devices on a regular basis to track, understand the useof equipment, operationof the operator, the equipment operating conditions, any specialrequirements of customers and develop maintenance programs according to theactual situation.

4. Periodicinspection: Arrangetwo times a year inspection maintenance and repair, check equipment and listento the feedback from the users. To solve various problems in the equipment atthe scene.

5. The repair process: In a timely manner to respond after receiving thenotice to repair , first have a telephone guidance, if can not solve, the aftersale service personnel can  arrived at the scene in a shortest time.

6. On-site repair

A. service personnel afterreceiving the user needs maintenance requirements, it will telephone communication,first understand the general failure of the equipment, determine the cause ofthe fault and ease of troubleshooting, and maintenance make the appropriatepreparations.

B. results of repair equipment must be restored to optimalfunctioning of the device until the user satisfaction.

C. After completion of maintenance services, maintenancepersonnel on the spot to fillin single-user acceptance of maintenance reports,the company established auser service profile.

D. Some time after the end of the service, and telephoneinterviews, asking usage.

After-sales hotline

Note: During the warranty period, only affect the performance ofthe parts to be replaced, if damaged appearance (cracks or scratches), notcovered under warranty.

Beyond the warranty

1. Warranty Contractssigned Continued : Afterthe warranty period, the user can continue with my company signed a maintenancecontract (Continued Warranty Contracts unit of time in terms of years). Aftersigning a contract to pay the renewal warranty renewal warranty costs can alsoenjoy free maintenance service during the warranty period.

2. No warranty contractrenewal : If you have not signed warranty contract renewal, our companyonly charge the cost of materials and labor.

Other services

The equipment we have provided  who have upgraded features,users can upgrade the equipment, get more and more advanced features, withouthaving to spend re-purchase of equipment.

The following does not belong to free warranty services

(1) Damage caused by thetransport, installation, use, management, etc.

(2) Customer disassemble theproduct by themselves.

(3) Alter the date ofpurchase or without warranty manual and warranty certificate.

(4) Due to an abnormalvoltage, fire or abnormal conditions caused by the fault.

(5)  Not according to specification, car washer themenote notice requiring the use of such as tags.

(6)  Other significant man-made destruction or damageis not covered by the warranty.

(7)  When the fault damage caused by using of thedevices cleaning cars outside the prescribed scope (such as excavator, trucks,etc.)

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1. Please keep attached "Warranty ServiceManual."

2. When the product installation is complete, please fillin the "user’s family table", and keep to the project staff inDericen. And it’s important for you to fill in the "User registrationcard". It is the evidence that we wholeheartedly for your service in thefuture, make sure that when you need us most, we can serve you as soon aspossible.