The top manufacturer Dericen come back to chinese market


Warmcongratulations to China's largest fully automatic car washing machineenterprises Dericen officially entered the domestic market

Dericen was founded in November 2015 by its parent company, AT Industrial Group Co., Ltd.As a result, China's largest car washing machine export company officiallyentered the domestic market.

As China'slargest car washing machine export enterprises, Dericen with high cost, won theunanimous recognition and praise of the international market. At present, Dericenautomatic washing machine has entered more than 100 countries, products aroundthe world. Such as those around us in Korea, Laos, Vietnam, India, across theAtlantic, Canada, Brazil, and even in the Middle East, Iraq, Israel, Egypt,Libya, Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and other countries and regions. Car washingmachine is constantly circulated day and night.

Always in theforefront of the international market Dericen, after more than 2 years ofmarket research, and strive to world-class technology and products into thecountry, so that domestic customers enjoy the same price-performance qualityproducts, we have been poised to go.

Adhering to the"customer first, quality first" belief, Dericen strive to beworld-class technology and products into the domestic, so that domesticcustomers enjoy the same price-performance quality products. Welcome domesticcustomers to visit and discuss.