Standard operating procedures of car washing machine


Dericentunnel car washing machine standard operating procedures

First,Before the operation of the washing machine to determine whether the inspectionand its surrounding obstacles to determine the scope of the car wash no one orleft debris, focusing on the inspection conveyor belt without any objects.

Second,The inspection is completed, please turn on the washing machine power.


1)     The first total power supply to close, see the display light toconfirm the normal power supply;

2)     And then open the panel power key switch, all items should shownormal;

3)     To determine the water, electricity, gas all the way to normal.

Third,The machine should be closed before all the control box door, and is strictlyprohibited in the control box stacking debris.

Fourth,The control panel within the control of the original, the line is strictlyprohibited to touch or transformation.

Fifth,To avoid opening and closing the control cabinet in the rain, to preventleakage or short circuit and so on.

Sixth,The command vehicle into the washing machine, wheel tires fall into theconveyor trailer to remind the owner Note:

1)     Please playing neutral (N)

2)     Please close the antenna, close the CD audio

3)     Do not pull the brake

4)     Do not step on the brakes

5)     Do not play the steering wheel (please the driver to the steeringwheel righting)

6)     Please turn off  reversemirror

7)      To the exit, when the green light, please enter the file to startthe vehicle

8)      Close the doors and windows

Seventh,vehicles into orbit, should check the vehicle condition:

1)     wiper, antenna, rearview mirror is normal

2)     whether the body sheet metal scratches

3)     with or without other loose, off parts and so on

Eighth,Car washing machine exit and entrance need a person stay there before operation.

Nineth,The correct vehicle into the conveyor belt track, and observe the situation atany time to observe

Tenth, In the washing process, the operator is strictly prohibitedto leave the operating position, at any time to do a good job on thecontingency of the contingency prepared to give the appropriate treatmentmeasures, loss of human losses and other factors to minimize.