The new  freezing technology of car washer


Congratulations: AUTOSERVICE company and DERICEN reached an agreement on the project of car washingmachine

1. Automatic antifreezesystem (automatic drainage device)

Now the market a lot ofCPU microcomputer control computer washing machine equipment itself withautomatic antifreeze device, when the indoor temperature is lower than thesystem set temperature (can be set according to their own temperature), the carwashing equipment will automatically antifreeze treatment .

2. Self-limitingtemperature heating, the use of heating rubber sheet

Ribbon heater isthe electrical energy into heat, the operating system with heat insulation.Therefore, the ribbon heater wrapped around water pipes, pumps, valves andother easy liquefaction, curing, easy crystallization of the location, they caneasily achieve insulation, anti-blocking and so on. At the same time, for railcar washing equipment, can be installed in the track heating rubber sheet canbe effective on the track for frost protection.

The computerwashing machine uses the ribbon heater to carry on the heat preservationprocessing, mainly is uses the ribbon heater the following advantages: The ribbonheater installment is simple, the heat dissipation is uniform, the temperaturecontrol is accurate, may carry on the remote control, the remote control; Hasthe explosion proof, the all-weather work performance, the reliability is high,uses Long life; no leakage, is conducive to environmental protection; saveinsulation material; save water resources; electric tracing design work issmall, easy construction, maintenance workload is small; high efficiency, cangreatly reduce energy consumption.

3.Water tankheating device

Water cycle heateruses computer touch control, through the heating pipe on the water temperatureheating, heating and cooling speed, temperature accuracy and stability.Computer washing machine can use the water cycle heater on the water tank inthe cycle of heating, to prevent the water tank to freeze the water hinder carwashing work. Water heaters use water as the media has its advantages, such ashigh heat transfer efficiency, less pollution, easy access to water resources.

4.Indoor attentionto keep at above zero degrees Celsius or the installation of glass curtain wall

During the season,car beauty shop or car wash shop should pay attention to the control of indoortemperature to ensure that the indoor temperature above zero degrees Celsius;for outdoor car washing shops, should pay attention to equipment for theinstallation of glass curtain wall to ensure that car wash water will notfreeze Live and so on.