The influence of car wash machine to gas station


Today's car washing is not limited to automotive services, but to the direction of supporting the development of services. Car washing more and more attention, as the daily rigid demand, so that car wash services can be quickly implanted toother business services supporting the project. Because these commercial services need to wash the car to attract the arrival of vehicles, gathering customers, car as a "media", which effectively enhance the other business supporting the project. Car washing is becoming the best way to communicate with people and vehicles.

The future competition is service competition. Faced with the declining profits in the field of oil retailing and the intense competition pressure in the industry, oil marketing enterprises have to make effective judgment and efficient construction on car washing and other non-oil business. Dericen provide professional supports for the sales enterprises from a professional point of view, and became a new consumer model in this area pioneer and advocate.

Dericen provide the international automatic car wash machine for the gas station, with efficient washing service of 80 ~ 150 vehicles per hour. Rely on technical means, it can be achieved with the gas station charging system and office management system seamlessly.

The following analysis to the gas station washing business current situation :